3 Minute Mindful Moments from Sunrise to Sunset

Mindfulness is becoming fully present to what’s happening in the present moment. It has been shown to support self-awareness, mental health, and wellbeing for all ages: children, teens, and adults. But while we have likely heard of the benefits of mindfulness, for many of us, finding moments to be mindful within our busy work or school days is harder than it sounds.

Luckily, mindfulness is a skill that we can learn at any age. Having opportunities to practice it in real time helps us to understand what it feels like to be mindful, notice when we are not being mindful, and actively return to this state throughout the day.

This toolkit provides 2 sets of 4 simple yoga and mindfulness practices for children and adults to find mindfulness throughout the day:

  • Wake up
  • Before lunch
  • After school and work
  • Before bed

Download your copy today.