Yoga for Homeschooled Students


Support your homeschooled students with engaging and safe online yoga classes, all while meeting National P.E. Standards.

Designed with the developmental needs of children and teens in mind, our evidence-based classes are grounded in brain based learning and social emotional learning, and meet National Standards for PE from Pre-K through High School. Plus, with our online series of workshops, Yoga Ed. has the tools and resources to support you both as a parent and an educator.


For Students: Online Classes

Get your kids moving with our fun, enriching and non-competitive yoga classes, for children and teens Pre-K through 12th grade.

For Parents: Online Trainings

Learn new skills for teaching and parenting with our online trainings.

What does our homeschool day look like? It varies day by day, but most days, we begin with our breath… How easy it has been for me to give my girls yoga lessons without first having to become a certified instructor myself! Yoga Ed. has a perfect solution for a mindful component to your day.
— Tiffany Merritt, Founder of

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