Dear Manduka,

I just received the new mats for the schools where I teach yoga.

With the new mats, I’m looking forward to enjoying the moments that make me and my students feel safe, empowered, and strong, and to having fun while working hard.

Yoga teaches my students these tools and with these tools we can handle life more gracefully.
This will help me and my students to achieve the “I can attitude” and peace of mind, both on and off the mat.

In my most challenging moments, I look to my breath and grounding my body, which helps me to be more present, less reactive and better able to respond with a clear head.

When I am able to remember the yoga tools I have been taught and teach on the mat, this inspires a balanced way of living for me.

-Joan Nichols

Now with the support of Manduka,

Joan will be able to expand her reach, and make an impact for more students, more schools, and more families. According to her, the “students benefit from yoga both physically and mentally. Physically they become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. Mentally they become more calm and can manage stress better. They learn to slow down and respond rather than react to stressful situations, which in turns helps them make better decisions.”

On the mat and off,

Joan’s students are developing the tools they need to cultivate self-awareness, resilience, and fortitude, no matter what comes their way. And in turn, Joan’s students are by far her best teachers, helping her to stay present and get creative as they work through problems together.

With her new mats in tow, Joan has the opportunity to get more students and teachers involved, and to grow her impact throughout the greater Rochester community.

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