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When asked to share the work that I do with Yoga Ed., I smiled, knowing that sharing my work meant sharing my life. Since becoming a Trainer with Yoga Ed., I have exceeded what I imagined I would be doing."

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

From professional development, to immersion, to physical education and beyond, I have been granted the opportunity to bring life skills, vital knowledge, and a sense of peace to all. Whether working with children, adolescents, or adults, I have stepped into world of limitless potential; a world where student and teacher are reciprocal roles and I am indefinitely a student. My most recent work can be housed in two ways: schools and community.


Currently, I bring Yoga Ed. programs to two schools on Oahu.The relationships I have been able to build with the principals and staff of these schools, has been just as rewarding as those with my students. Each yoga class shines new perspective on the work I do as an educator, as well as the mission of Yoga Ed. Utilizing the curriculum allows me to consistently influence my students experiences, while the philosophy motivates students to discover such things as self, curiosity, and courage. I have seen quiet students become uniquely expressive and expressive students become innately reflective. School faculty have been witness to the extraordinary capabilities of their students and have even taken note of certain tools accessible for their classrooms.


Furthering my work with educators, and the community as a whole, I have also recently been leading “Tools for Teachers” professional development workshops. Watching individuals come together as a collective whole, through an understanding, awareness, and appreciation of yoga and education has been indescribable. These eclectic gatherings have strengthened my drive to reach as many people as possible; knowing all too well that every individual, no matter their starting point, seem to strive for the same destination: a better world. Whether participants of Tools for Teachers latch onto the content, curriculum, philosophy, or mission, it is clear that this community is rich with positive intentions and eager to become a part of the Yoga Ed. movement.

Yoga Ed. has been a catalyst for me in fusing my personal and professional passions. It has always been my dream to change education and empower the future of our world. Little did I know, when I first heard of Yoga Ed., that this is exactly the work I would be living.
— Harmony Turner, Yoga Ed. Trainer

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