Has yoga changed your life so profoundly that you wish you had encountered it earlier in your life?

So do we. That’s why Yoga Ed. is committed to bringing the benefits of yoga to the youth in our schools. If you’re inspired to teach yoga at elementary, middle or high schools, but are at a loss for where to begin, becoming a Yoga Educator could be the answer! By empowering you to educate teachers on how to bring yoga into the classroom, you’ll be making a living while making a difference in the lives of children and teens.


1. Remember: It’s a Journey, not a Destination

Do you dream of expanding your reach? While it’s normal to begin with the end in mind, all journeys need to start somewhere. Taking that next leap can be overwhelming, but remaining mindful to enjoy the journey, with all of its ups and downs, will ultimately make you all the more successful. We understand that you may not know where to begin, but by following these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your business and increasing your earning potential.


2. Don’t quit your job

Plan to phase out your teaching job as your yoga teaching takes off and you make the transition to being a Yoga Educator full-time. Remember that your teaching job is your most valuable resource, because you can use your current classes as a laboratory to pilot your work.


3. Create a Future Forward Plan

  1. Visualize your life as you expand your yoga business in the next 6 months. What would you do if you could not fail? Write a list of goals.
  2. Organize your list in the order of how you feel you can complete the goals.
  3. Next to each goal, write what you need to do to achieve this goal. Remember to write the sentence in the present tense, include a “by when” date, and make it quantifiable, specific, affirmative, and concise.

It is possible to make a living while making a difference doing what you love, and we are here to facilitate your journey.

Yoga Ed. is a leader in the field of Yoga Education, and our experienced Trainers can help support you every step of the way.

Join us at our next online training course or Contact Us to learn more about how Yoga Ed. can support your career.