After completing her 200-hour RYT certification in May 2014, Eva began teaching group yoga classes to adults, while providing private piano lessons to individuals of all ages and experience-levels.

But Eva quickly realized that her true passion is teaching children. Knowing the benefits of bringing music to kids at a young age and driven by how positively impactful yoga has been in her life, Eva wanted to find a way to bring yoga into younger people’s lives as well. At the heart, Eva was searching for a means of combining her love for yoga with her love of children.



Yoga Ed. was the next step Eva was looking for.

Completing Professional Institute I with Brynne Caleda in Los Angeles gave Eva all of the resources and tools she needed to jumpstart her group movement and music classes for kids, ages 4 to 6 years old. Although she had been teaching adults in yoga classes, and had worked with children one-on-one in music classes, having a room full of kids doing yoga was a whole new experience, and challenge.

Finding a Rhythm

For Eva, the training and curriculum support she received from Yoga Ed. was what she needed to find a rhythm in her kids classes:

  • Learning about child anatomy and physiology helped Eva to build upon her existing knowledge-base from her yoga teacher training, allowing her to safely tailor each class to meet the needs of her students, no matter their skill level or developmental needs.
  • Gaining access to games, yoga sequences, and lesson plans has empowered Eva to make each and every class creative, engaging, and educational for her young students.
  • Understanding different types of student behaviors and practicing classroom management skills gave Eva the self-efficacy to approach teaching and managing her students with confidence.

“If someone is interested in teaching yoga or movement to kids or young adults I would definitely recommend Yoga Ed. There was so much in the program that I would not have even thought about when teaching kids, and probably would have felt extremely overwhelmed teaching my first class without the resources Yoga Ed. provided.”