Looking for a way to continue learning and share your passion for yoga with the next generation? You’ve come to the right place. At Yoga Ed., we believe that yoga teaches vital life skills that children and teens don’t get the opportunity to learn and practice in their regular academic experience. We envision a healthier future for youth, and our mission is to make our dream a reality by equipping yoga teachers, educators, parents and other passionate individuals with the resources to share yoga with the youth in their communities and lives.

If you’re interested in joining our Yoga Ed. community, there’s two main ways to get involved. Compare our programs below to decide what’s the best option for you to get started.

Professional Institute


  • Four day intensive training programs for yoga teachers, educators, parents & more
  • 32 hours of instructional time that count toward RCYT through the Yoga Alliance
  • Allows you to safely and effectively create yoga classes for kids that meet National PE Standards
  • Empowers you to teach kids yoga classes in a studio, community center, school, or other you centered organization

Trainer Institute


  • Six month long program, open to individuals with RYT certification
  • Consists of two eight-day intensives along with mentorship and virtual lectures
  • Equips you with knowledge, resources, and skills to deliver Yoga Ed. programming including Professional Institutes
  • Empowers you to make a living while making a difference, spreading the benefits of yoga in your own community

Still not sure what’s for you?

Contact us to chat with a consultant.