Yoga is most popularly known for the ways that it helps people become more fit, flexible and mentally calm. But did you know that yoga can actually benefit your relationships? If you search the internet for “Yoga and Relationships,”  you will find a wealth of research on the subject.  Yoga has been found to build stronger romantic partnerships, foster better friendships, improve mother/daughter relationships, and the list goes on.


Lucky for you, the Yoga Ed. team has found a way to harness the positive relational power of yoga for your classroom, and has expertly developed techniques to build strong relationships between teachers and students.

Through Yoga Ed.’s Tools for Teachers curriculum, educators learn two to five minute breathing and stretching breaks that can be performed at students’ desks. Unlike the yoga you’ll find taught in studios, Yoga Ed.’s chair yoga is tailored specifically for a classroom environment so teachers can bring the benefits of yoga to their students without any hassle.

With these simple tools, educators are able to –

  • Build positive relationships with students
  • Increase sensitivity within student-to-student relationships
  • Increase student-teacher trust
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Teach students to be fully present in classroom learning

And research shows, stronger classroom relationships lead to stronger academic performance and improved behavior.


Try Chair Yoga

You can download three free chair yoga exercises to try with students in the classroom. These chair yoga breaks work for all ages and all levels and require no additional equipment or resources. On the go or on your phone? No worries! We’ll send you the link to our toolkit through e-mail, so you can either check them out now, or save it for later.

Download 3 chair yoga exercises to try with students in your classroom.

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