Meemic x Yoga Ed.

The Meemic Foundation and Yoga Ed. Partner to Give Back to Educators in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Meemic Insurance Company was founded in 1950 by a group of Detroit teachers on the idea that teachers were a special group with unique needs that deserved special care. Over the years, the organization expanded from Michigan to Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In 1992, the Meemic Insurance Company founded Meemic Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, to give back to educators in their communities.

“We are proud to support over 100,000 Meemic Foundation Club members, awarding over 25,000 grant awards worth millions of dollars since 2015,” shares Pam Harlin, Director of the Meemic Foundation. “Educators love the simplicity of our grant programs and the variety of grant awards that we give away. From basic classroom supplies to 3D printers; from Boomwhackers and Kalimbas to programmable robots and classroom furniture; from teacher lounge makeovers to technology shopping sprees – we do it all!”

One of the many ways that Meemic Foundation gives back is through monthly and quarterly grant programs for educators to provide needed tools and resources for their classrooms. Over the past year, the need for simple, easily implementable resources to support teacher and student wellness during the school day become more vital than ever. The Meemic Foundation hears the need consistently voiced by educators in their community.

“Over and over, I’ve heard of [educators’ and administrators’] concerns and need for tools to address the mental health crisis in our schools – for students and teachers. I wanted to partner with an organization that specifically understood the challenges of a classroom and had tailored programs to fit those needs.” – Ms. Harlin

Yoga Ed. understands. Our simple mission: to help educators and students feel better. As an education company, Yoga Ed. delivers online classes and trainings designed to improve the physical and mental health of school communities. Online classes are educationally focused and created to support wellness outcomes, including stress reduction, focus, calm, and joy.

That’s where our partnership comes in. Through its holiday quarterly grant program, Meemic offered Yoga Ed.’s online classes to educators free of charge to support wellness into their classrooms. The response so far? “From the feedback that we have received from the grant recipients, it has been absolutely wonderful,” says Pam. And the numbers don’t lie: over 50% of recipients are utilizing the classes regularly within their school day.

The Meemic Foundation and Yoga Ed. plans to continue their partnership in the 2022 – 2023 school year. “Yoga Ed. is deeply grateful for the Meemic Foundation’s investment in time, care, and capital for the health and wellness of their community,” shares Brynne Caleda, Yoga Ed. co-founder & Chief Education Officer. “Their contribution will make an incredible difference in the lives of educators and students, and we look forward to partnering with the Meemic Foundation to continue to give back to schools in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.”

Yoga Ed. and the Meemic Foundation are committed to the long term vision of health and happiness for school communities. “Schools and educators should strongly consider yoga as an integral part of their classroom education to support the body, mind and soul of both students and educators.”

“[Yoga is] a tool that educators and schools can easily embrace for the long-term. Wellness and joy are the end game.” Pam Harlin, Director of the Meemic Foundation

We wholeheartedly agree.

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