Manduka x Yoga Ed.

Announce a Partnership to Support School Communities Nationwide

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Manduka’s Mission:
To inspire and enable everyone to experience the transformative power of yoga.

Yoga Ed.’s Mission:
To affect sustainable change through accessible programming that effectively improves the physical and mental health of communities worldwide.


Manduka is based in El Segundo, California and was founded on the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference. And that the joy of yoga can encourage a more positive world. What started as one mat evolved into a collection of equipment designed to meet you at any point in your journey and make it distraction-free – so you can focus on your practice, not your products.

Yoga Ed. improves the physical and mental health of school communities worldwide through accessible and evidence-based trainings, classes, and resources. We believe that schools are seedbeds of health and happiness. By equipping individuals with yoga and mindfulness tools to improve their own wellness, they can also improve the lifelong health of the children and teens they work with.

The partnership is a first of its kind for Manduka. Manduka stands for inclusivity by “educating our community on the benefits of practicing yoga — no matter their age, gender, size, shape, or ability. Yoga Ed. helps us bring our mission to life by connecting our product expertise with their educational experience to allow us to make the practice more accessible to school-aged children, teachers, and administrators,” says Nicole Carbone, Marketing & Brand Director of Manduka

Over the last two decades, Yoga Ed. has been working closely with public, private, and charter schools nationwide to support the health and wellness of staff and students with evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices.

“Yoga Ed.’s evidence-based approach shows that bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom can improve focus, reduce anxiety, develop emotional regulation, and much more.” – Nicole, Manduka

Now, more than ever, teachers and students need support for their health and wellbeing. “We aligned with the mission of Yoga Ed in their belief that classrooms should be seed beds of health and happiness. Their evidence-based approach shows that bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom can improve focus, reduce anxiety, develop emotional regulation, and much more,” Nicole elaborates.

But starting and continuing a habit of wellness, even if we know it supports us, can be challenging. That’s where our partnership comes in. Together with Manduka, Yoga Ed. will inspire and excite teachers to maintain their practice of yoga and mindfulness by providing quality equipment and educational experiences to encourage teachers to prioritize wellness in their school day.

Each quarter, Manduka and Yoga Ed. will select and equip an entire school that is implementing Yoga Ed.’s Mindful Movement Program with equipment to support yoga and mindfulness in their classrooms, including mats, blocks, and apparel. Selected schools will be announced to our community each quarter.

“Yoga Ed. is truly excited to partner with Manduka to help staff and students feel more confident and equipped to continue their yoga and mindfulness practices,” said Julia Bond, Yoga Ed. co-founder & CEO. “Their contribution will make an incredible impact in supporting the health and wellness of the school communities we work with for years to come.”

Together, we will make yoga accessible by supporting school communities with the confidence, skills, and equipment to practice yoga and mindfulness throughout their school day.

Learn about Yoga Ed.’s Mindful Movement Program for Your School today.

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