The art of well-being, backed by science.

We combine yoga with the evidence to support its positive impact. That’s how we help to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of communities worldwide.

Improve symptoms of anxiety

Increase focus and attention

Play a protective role in supporting mental health

Improve physical fitness

Support social-emotional learning

A toolkit of techniques designed to support health.

We recognize that the only way to know if we are achieving our goals of sustainably improving the health and wellness of children, teens, and adults is to measure it. That’s where the evidence comes in. Yoga Ed. programs have ESSA Tier 1 Strong Evidence to support its use in schools. Studies conducted by Harvard, Tulane, and California State University of Fullerton have found that Yoga Ed. programs can improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health for all ages.

Our mission

To support the health and wellness of school communities.

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