change from the inside out

Yoga Ed. is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Here’s what we’re doing to integrate this work from the inside out.

honoring of yoga

Yoga Ed. is actively working on incorporating ways to honor the history and culture of Yoga within our curriculum and training. We are working closely with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher Anusha Wijeyakumar to do this in a way that does not supersede the first amendment.

our learning

In August 2020, our team started ABAR (Anti-Bias Anti-Racist) training with ABAR educator Britt Hawthorne. We are still in process and continue to deepen our understanding of this work and what it means in the field of education.

advisory board

Yoga Ed. is putting together an advisory board to inform our content, delivery, and operations. Our advisory board has BIPOC, yoga and mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, education, and mental health representation.


We have diversified our ownership through crowdraising, so the people who own Yoga Ed. represent the people we serve. We have also created an employee equity pool so that the people who are building Yoga Ed. also have ownership in what they create.

diversity in education

We are committed to BIPOC representation in the people who create and deliver our content. Our goal is for 30% of our education specialists to be BIPOC by the end of 2021.


It is our priority to overcome obstacles to access in yoga education. We are in the process of making all our content available to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We also offer content that is free to $999, 1 minute to 6 months so that people of all means can access Yoga Ed.

giving credit

When Yoga Ed. uses content made by others on social media, we create exchange with them. We also do not leverage posts from BIPOC for profit.

MWBE information

Yoga Ed. is committed to pursuing business relationships with Minority-owned and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) to support its core values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Yoga Ed. encourages participation and support of supplier diversity by requesting this information when searching for new suppliers who can provide high-quality services at competitive price points, and makes this information available to organizations and individuals we work with. Yoga Ed.’s MWBE objectives are overseen by leadership. All personnel purchasing for their teams are encouraged to make their procurement with a certified MWBE.

this kind of change takes time. the time to start is now.

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