Online mindfulness and movement classes for all ages, anytime, anywhere.

Led by experienced educators, our classes for children and teens are designed to support lifelong health and wellness.

✓ Classes are 3 – 30 minutes long

✓ Suitable for all ages (ages 3 to 18+, parents and teachers)

✓ Meets standards, includes lesson plans and assessments

✓ Streamable on all devices: laptop, tablet, phone

✓ No extra equipment or experience necessary

Mat Yoga

Chair Yoga

Brain Breaks

Perfect for use in the classroom, after school, in your car, or at home.

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  • “I like relaxation at the end of class because it’s like taking a nap but better!” – Ryder, 8

  • “Through yoga, I’ve learned to use my breath and how to use it to calm myself down.” – Bianca, 10

  • “After yoga, I found myself more motivated to continue the rest of my day.” – Alyssa, 16

  • “My kids are able to find positive ways to react in challenging situations.” – Ferozah, Parent

Interested in Deepening Your Yoga Education?

Yoga Ed. offers online continuing education workshops to deepen your understanding. From children’s brain development to how to teach yoga breathing to teens, we’ve got you covered.

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