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Simple solutions for SEL, calm, and focus.

Support your students’ wellness and social-emotional learning.


Created by educators, for educators.

Educators, we know you care deeply about your students. You want to see them to do well, to succeed. But with everything you and your students have gone through over the past two years, this may often be easier said than done. Between struggling with attention, stress, anxiety, mental health, and behavioral challenges, teaching and learning may seem harder than ever.

We’re here to help you make your job a little easier. Created by educators, for educators, our programs are designed to equip you with classroom-ready solutions for you and your students’ wellbeing.

Our programs can be used as:

  • Brain breaks throughout the school day
  • Morning mindfulness during morning meetings
  • Teacher health and wellness program
  • Indoor recess
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes to support existing SEL instruction
  • Physical education classes
  • Health education classes

Option 2: Trainings

Or, learn how to teach yoga, mindfulness, and SEL.

Why Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. helps you and your students feel better.



We support social-emotional learning through mindful movement.


Backed by science

Our programs have ESSA Tier 1 Strong Evidence to support its use in schools. Studies have found benefits for physical and mental health.



We meet national & international PE and Health Standards.

Student voices

Loved by students and teachers.

Hear what students have to say about our programs.

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