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Calming Down, Regulating Emotions, & Improving Health with Yoga

Back by popular demand, this 1-hour workshop gives you the basics principles and tools to share yoga and mindfulness to youth ages 3-18.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop:

✓ The evidence behind the benefits of yoga for kids & teens, including strength, flexibility, emotional regulation, stress & anxiety, and empathy

✓ 10 simple, easy-to-use yoga exercises for you and your students

✓ How to shape-shift your teaching to keep your kids or teens engaged during yoga

✓ How to identify the best times of day to teach yoga to your kids, whether you’re a school teacher, yoga instructor, school counselor, or parent

✓ LIVE Q&A with Brynne to answer all of your questions about sharing yoga with your kids & teens

✓ And a whole lot more!



Length: 1 Hour

Tuition: Free!