Expand Your Reach: A Trauma-Informed Training for Youth – YOGA ed.
  • Professional Institute

Expand Your Reach: A Trauma-Informed Training for Youth

This training provides you with the tools and understanding necessary to work with those considered “at-risk” due to poverty, violence, marginalization, abuse, neglect and other factors. The majority of these individuals have had significant trauma in their lives, and this training focuses on understanding the physiology of trauma and how it manifests in the body and mind. You will learn to incorporate tools from somatic-based therapy practices into a yoga class to help address symptoms of trauma, such as dissociation, anxiety, chronic dysregulation, depression, and addiction. You will graduate from this training with the understanding and confidence to teach yoga in a trauma informed way.

Focus: Ages 13 to 18 / Grades 6th to 12th

Materials: To keep the world green for our children, we deliver our course materials digitally. You will receive a digital copy of our course introduction packet and 400 page curriculum upon registration for this Institute.