Professional Development Workshops

At Yoga Ed., we know that happy, healthy teachers equal happy, healthy students. Our Tools for Teachers Chair Yoga courses are designed to equip you with the tools you need to make teaching a positive experience for not just your students, but also yourself. Choose from any one of our Professional Development programs.

Option 1: Online

Introduction to Chair Yoga for All Ages

Yoga Ed.’s chair yoga exercises are simple, evidence-based tools for you and your students to quickly reduce stress and increase focus. In this 2 hour introductory workshop, learn 15+ yoga tools (breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, and relaxation) to shift yourself and your students into learning-ready states. You’ll graduate with the understanding and confidence to use chair yoga as brain breaks in your classroom to boost learning throughout your school day. Learn more.

Option 2: In Person

Tools for Teachers

Choose from two-hour, four-hour, or eight-hour workshops with a Trainer in your area. Equip yourself with a broader variety of principles and tools to integrate short yoga breaks into your classroom, effectively promoting student health, learning, and achievement. From this workshop, you will be able to identify challenging times during your school day and successfully utilize yoga tools to shift your preschoolers into learning-ready states. Find a workshop near you.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Contact our team of certified children’s yoga teachers and education specialists to help you maximize Yoga Ed.’s benefits for you and your students.

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