We’ve Been Acquired!

Yoga Ed. has been acquired by Breathe For Change as of June 2023.

We could not imagine a better home than Breathe For Change. A well-respected leader in the education industry, Breathe For Change is on a mission to Change the World, One Teacher at a Time. The company runs mind-body and social-emotional wellness trainings that unite, train, and support educators in enhancing individual and collective well-being.

This acquisition will allow us to realize our vision and shared missions to enhance the well-being of educators, students, and entire communities. Together, we are thrilled to continue providing educators and school communities with resources and strategies that help create a positive, inclusive, and transformative learning environment for students.

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About Dr. Ilana Nankin

Founder of Breathe For Change

Dr. Ilana Nankin—the Founder & CEO of Breathe For Change—is an award-winning entrepreneur, teacher educator, and former public school teacher committed to using wellness as a vehicle for healing and social change. Ilana earned degrees in both psychology and education at UC Berkeley, and received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Wisconsin. Her dissertation revealed the critical connection between educator well-being and student learning, and the positive impact that wellness and social-emotional learning can have on teachers and students’ lives. Inspired by her research, Ilana founded Breathe For Change, a movement on a mission to enhance the health and well-being of educators, students, and entire communities.

Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour Certificate

Breathe For Change offers the world’s only 200-hour Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher Training specifically for educators to equip them with social-emotional learning strategies, mindfulness tools, and yoga practices that support well-being and transform school communities.

Since 2015, Breathe For Change has certified 10,000+ educators through their 200-hour training, who are now positively impacting the lives and well-being of over 2,000,000 students around the country.

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