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our vision

Supporting the physical and mental health of communities worldwide.

We envision a future where schools are seedbeds of health and happiness. Where educators coach and embody lifelong well-being and social-emotional competencies through dynamic teaching. Where students learn life skills to cultivate mind-body wellness in tandem with academic success.

At Yoga Ed., we are dedicated to making this vision a reality.

We believe in the power educators have to change the world.
We empower the change.

our mission

A commitment to our future leaders, innovators, and visionaries.

Our mission is to affect sustainable change through accessible programming that effectively improves the physical and mental health of communities worldwide.

Through evidence-based training, classes, and resources, Yoga Ed. equips individuals with yoga and mindfulness tools to improve their own wellness and the lifelong health of the children and teens they work with.

Since 2001, we have certified thousands of people in the art and science of integrating yoga and mindfulness into their work and their lives.

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our impact is global

We’ve reached 6 continents, 47 countries, 14K+ schools, 81K+ educators, and 15M+ students.



14 K


81 K


15 M


our story

Founded over 20 years ago in Los Angeles, CA.

Yoga Ed.’s story begins at The Accelerated School (TAS), the first charter school founded in South Central Los Angeles. Founded on the belief that all students can excel when nurtured in a school environment that combines high expectations for students and active involvement from parents and the community, The Accelerated School was on a mission to create opportunity in a community that was long underserved.

In 1999, TAS recognized a growing need to teach life skills that could extend beyond school and promote health in all areas of students’ lives. In response to this need, Tara Guber engaged a group of yoga educators to create a yoga curriculum for The Accelerated School and Yoga Ed. was founded. This original curriculum was geared toward fostering school fitness and equipping young learners with tools to effectively approach life challenges. The program was a phenomenal success.

“The benefits of yoga are unquestionable. Among our students, we have seen improvement in overall fitness, body, and health awareness, stress management, concentration, focus, schoolwork, respect and self-confidence,” raved Kevin Sved, co-director of the Accelerated School. “We see yoga as a positive and valuable factor in maintaining the high level of academic achievement we expect at our school.”

Fueled by the initial success of the pilot program, Yoga Ed. has evolved with the intention to reach more schools, more educators, more parents, and more students. Together, we are changing education through the practice of yoga.

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