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Celebrating 20 Years

Since 1999, Yoga Ed. has empowered millions of children and teens to thrive through evidence-based yoga and mindfulness training and curriculum.



We believe in the powerful transformations mindfulness and yoga programming can have on the health and wellness of school communities worldwide.


20 years of yoga ed.

  • 1999 | Yoga Ed. is Born

    Philanthropist and educator Tara Lynda Guber founds Yoga Ed. as a yoga program within the Accelerated School (TAS) in South Central Los Angeles.

  • 2001 | TIME Magazine Feature

    TIME Magazine names TAS the Elementary School of the Year, calling it one of the nation’s “most accomplished K-12 institutions.” In the article, Yoga Ed.’s program is highlighted as a valuable factor in maintaining the high level of academic achievement at TAS, prompting a nationwide response to bring more yoga programs into schools. Yoga Ed. plans to build capacity by creating a K12 curriculum to train educators in replicating its flagship program.

  • 2002 | First Training in Los Angeles, CA

    Yoga Ed. debuts its first public training of the K12 curriculum in Los Angeles, CA.

  • 2003 | First Research Study

    Dr. Slovacek and his research team at California State University Charter College of Education evaluate the Yoga Ed. physical education program at The Accelerated School and publish their findings in the research paper, A Study of the Yoga Ed. Program at the Accelerated School. The study, which included 405 students and 18 teachers and yoga instructors, demonstrated Yoga Ed.’s efficacy in supporting student wellness and performance. Participation in Yoga Ed. classes resulted in improvements in self-esteem, student behavior, physical fitness, and academic performance of students when compared to their district means.

  • 2003 - 2006 | Nationwide Expansion

    Yoga Ed. expands nationwide by training 15 Trainers strategically placed across the United States to bring Yoga Ed. to their regional school communities.

  • 2007 | Vanity Fair Nominates Yoga Ed.'s Founder

    Vanity Fair nominates Tara Guber, Yoga Ed.’s founder, in their Hall of Fame for her innovative program at the Accelerated School and the national reach of Yoga Ed.’s training and curriculum.

  • 2012 | Global Reach

    Yoga Ed. programs reach 16 countries.

  • 2013 | Yoga Ed. 2.0

    Educator and former Yoga Ed. Trainer Brynne Caleda acquires Yoga Ed.

  • 2014 | A New Look Unveiled

    Yoga Ed. unveils a refreshed logo, creative look, and graphical style that reflects its reputation as a global brand. Yoga Ed. expands to Canada and Ireland.

    Dr. Chen and his research team at California State University at Fullerton evaluate the Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers classroom program at The Accelerated School and publish their findings in the research paper, Perceived Benefits of Incorporating Yoga into Classroom Teaching: Assessment of the Effects of “Yoga Tools for Teachers. The study demonstrates Yoga Ed.’s efficacy in supporting students’ wellness in the classroom. Triangulation of responses between students, teachers, and parents reveals that daily 5-15 minute chair yoga instruction produces positive changes in students’ concentration, social skills, emotional maturity, self-esteem, and self-care.

  • 2015 | Global Reach

    Yoga Ed. expands to Japan and Indonesia.

  • 2016 | Yoga Ed. Goes Digital!

    With the launch of online yoga classes and workshops, Yoga Ed. expands its reach to communities worldwide.

  • 2018 | Expansion of Online Programs

    Yoga Ed. continues to increase it’s digital presence, launching online training courses to deepen its impact.

    Dr. Bazzano and his research team at Tulane evaluate a before school Yoga Ed. program in New Orleans and publish their findings in the research paper, Effect of mindfulness and yoga on quality of life for elementary school students and teachers: results of a randomized controlled school-based study. The study finds that teaching 30-minute yoga classes before the school day to third graders who tested positive on measures of anxiety leads to significantly greater improvement in their psychosocial and emotional quality of life over eight weeks when compared to their peers.

    Yoga Ed. expands to the UK and Australia.

  • 2019 | Our Impact

    Yoga Ed. empowers millions of children and teens to thrive through evidence-based yoga and mindfulness training and curriculum.


our impact is global

Yoga Ed. is in 32 countries, 8,948 schools, and over 75,000 classrooms worldwide.


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In celebration of our 20th year, we're taking action to close the gender, socio-economic, and race gaps in the wellness and education fields - by making yoga and mindfulness practices accessible to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, supporting staff, and parents worldwide through our new yoga and mindfulness class library. Through our classes, students will practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, visualizations, and relaxation activities.