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10 Days of Wellness!

The following 10 wellness practices are here to support healthy bodies and healthy minds. Ready to let go of unwanted tension, shift from stressed to calm, feel more focused and energized, or just take a moment to breathe? Simply press play and feel better. We know every second counts, we’ve noted how long the practice lasts as well as a tip for when / why this particular tool may be beneficial. Feel free to move sequentially from Day 1 – Day 10, or pick and choose depending on what’s present in your space. You’ve got this!

Day 1

Waterfall Breath

Time: 1 minute
Tip: Try this in this morning to gently awaken the mind and body.

Day 2

Swimmer Stretch Pose

Time: 1 minute
Tip: Try this when you need to refocus or after a long period of concentration.

Day 3

Kindness Affirmation

Time: 3 minutes
Tip: When tensions are high, spend a few moments being kind to your mind.

Day 4


Time: 1 minute
Tip: When it’s time for a brain break!

Day 5

Body Scan

Time: 3 minutes
Tip: Try this at the end of the day to check-in with yourself.

Day 6

Balloon Breath

Time: 1 minute
Tip: Try this to support calm during a busy transition.

Day 7

Mindful Steps

Time: 3 minutes
Tip: If you notice excess energy, try this mindful moment!

Day 8

Peace Beings With Me

Time: 3 minutes
Tip: Play this when you hope to cultivate self-awareness and inspire kind thoughts.

Day 9

Breath Surfing

Time: 4 minutes
Tip: After lunch, recess, or any other break, return to presence using this tool.

Day 10

“I Am” Affirmations

Time: 2 minutes
Tip: Tune in anytime, anywhere, when a reminder of just how much you matter is necessary.

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