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SEL & Mental Health

Support social and emotional learning for youth and adults.


A trauma-informed approach for those who have experienced trauma.

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Yoga and mindfulness that is accessible by, relatable to, and available for all.

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Ages 3 to 12 | Grades Pre-K to 5

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

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Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens

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Yoga Ed. programs can

  • Improve symptoms of anxiety
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Support mental health
  • Improve physical health
  • Support academic performance

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what people are saying…

Yoga Ed. is by far the very best source for teaching yoga in schools, the most pedagogically enriching experience, and Yoga Ed. courses provide the most directly implementable content.

sophie miyashiro


I am a clinical therapist and I use the program with clients all the time. I have used the curriculum in a women’s shelter, and residential facility and short term shelter for youth. The youth absolutely love it.

tiffany green

Clinical Therapist

Yoga Ed.’s program doesn’t just focus on yoga; it focuses on the whole person and how we can apply yoga to our daily lives. Yoga Ed. provides tools that parents and educators can use to cultivate an emotionally healthy world.

janelle tamaribuchi

Parent & Yoga Teacher

A great resource for us to use to help our students grow and get through any challenges they are facing. Especially now.

mary vogt

School Counselor

Yoga Ed. has given me a new way of connecting with students in a very positive way and now is a big part of my curriculum.

matt grenier

PE Teacher

This training is amazing! I’m now a full-time yoga teacher at my son’s elementary school and I love my job.

fran quan

Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed the self-paced nature of the program as a full-time educator. And although there is independence in the program there is also a community built in.

lucia di prima

Special Educator