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Through Yoga Ed.’s engaging and evidence-based programming, yoga instructors are able to explore new ways to apply their love for yoga by teaching to children and teens. Our evidence-based programs will give you the tools to support the physical, mental, and emotional health of the children and teens you teach.

Professional Institutes

Professional Institutes are 32-hour training programs for individuals inspired to teach yoga for children and teens. Certified by the Yoga Alliance, our program focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits yoga can provide for children and teens. Upon completion of our institutes, you will be fully equipped with tools to help youth build a lifetime of health and wellness through the practice of yoga.

  • PI1 Foundations: Teaching Children’s Yoga

    Ages 3 to 12 / Grades Pre-K to 5th

    PI 1 equips you with the basic principles and tools needed to effectively teach yoga to children.

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  • PI2 Building Blocks: Teaching Teen’s Yoga

    Ages 13 to 18 / Grades 6th to 12th

    From this transformational training, you will emerge with the ability to effectively shift teaching practices to connect with teens.

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  • PI3 Expand Your Reach: A Trauma Informed Training for...

    Ages 13 to 18 / Grades 6th to 12th

    PI 3 provides you with the tools and understanding necessary to work with those considered “at-risk”

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  • Summer Immersion Program x LMU Extension

    Ages 3 to 18 / Grades Pre-K to 12th

    Facilitated by Yoga Ed. faculty in partnership with LMU, the Summer Immersion is designed for individuals inspired to teach yoga in the K12 environment.

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Trainer Institute

Our Trainer Institute is designed for professionals who want to be certified to deliver Yoga Ed.’s evidence-based curriculum across a range of programs and train other professionals to teach children’s and teen’s yoga. The goal of the Trainer Institute is to ensure the quality and accessibility of Yoga Ed. programs worldwide.

  • Trainer Institute

    Learn how to facilitate yoga education teacher trainings, professional development, and school programs in your community.

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Online Classes

Our Online Classes are perfect for yoga instructors who currently work with children or teens and are looking for teaching inspiration. With new lessons added weekly, our educational classes are designed to maximize children's engagement while building life skills.

  • Online Yoga Classes for Children & Teens

    Enjoy unlimited access to our growing collection of yoga classes for $19/month. Try it out first, with your first month free.

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Online Workshops

Online Workshops offer 1-2 hour continuing education opportunities for the lifelong learner. Our workshop collection encourages professional growth in the field of children's and teen's yoga through a wide range of topics, from chair yoga tools to children's anatomy and physiology.

  • Chair Yoga for Children & Teens (Tools for Teachers)

    Reduce stress & get focused with 5-15 minute chair yoga brain breaks.

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  • Breathing Exercises for Children

    Powerful breathing tools to help children tune in.

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  • Yoga Poses for Children

    Fun, kid-friendly yoga poses with lifelong benefits.

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  • Children’s Anatomy and Physiology

    Recognize functional developmental differences to safely and effectively teach yoga to children.

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  • Yoga and the Child’s Brain

    Understand how learning happens and how yoga can be used to support the learning process.

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