Yoga Ed.’s Blended Learning Yoga Program is distinguished by the simultaneous implementation of Online Student Yoga Classes and In-Person Teacher Training to sustainably improve overall school health and fitness.

Our program can be used as brain breaks, physical education classes, health classes, teacher health and wellness program, SEL program, or as a mindfulness program.

Online Student Yoga Classes

Our online classes for students are taught by Certified Yoga Ed. Trainers who have training and experience in teaching yoga to children and teens as well as adults. Ranging from 5-30 minutes, each class consists of breathing exercises, poses, and relaxation. Classes are divided into developmentally appropriate grade groups, allowing students to feel as though they are in class with students of their own age.


Chair Yoga Classes

Short 5-10 minute brain breaks to help kids recharge, or alternatively, to dispel excess energy so that they are relaxed and ready to focus. Chair yoga classes can be used as a classroom management tool to support transitions between recess, lessons, and tests.


Mat Yoga Classes

20-30 minute classes that support the overall health of your students while improving learning outcomes. All classes meet National PE and Health Standards and come complete with lesson plans and assessments. Mat yoga classes can be used as a stand-alone class or supplementary to PE or Health.

In-Person Teacher Training

Our in-person teacher trainings are designed to empower teachers with the skills and confidence to proctor and lead yoga classes in their classroom. Taught by Certified Yoga Ed. Trainers, teacher trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of your school.


2-8 Hour Workshops (Chair Yoga)

Designed for educators, our workshops teach participants how to effectively facilitate chair yoga as brain breaks throughout their school day.


32 Hour Intensives (Mat Yoga)

Our intensives are comprehensive training programs designed to teach participants how to safely and effectively teach yoga to children and teens in academic environments.

Sustainability is Our Priority

Our priority is creating sustainable yoga and mindfulness programming on your school campus. Over the course of the school year, we train your staff and provide tools and support to facilitate a positive shift in school culture, encouraging teachers and students to embody yoga and mindfulness.

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